The Mafia is a place to unite Gamers and Asset Holders. Together we can build a better world for ourselves and have the freedom to create what we want. Together we can dominate the Metaverse.




The Mafia is a collection of Gamers and Asset Holders trying to make our passions a living. We are an Esports organization set on empowering these groups of people to make the most of the GameFi revolution and all the opportunities the Metaverse will bring.

The Mafia is an organization for Gamers and Asset Holders to collaborate. Through utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology we are able to secure the most lucrative in-game assets to elevate the experience for both parties with the use of our Mafia community. The Mafia also seeks to amplify the experience provided by gaming studios by cultivating an inviting and creative community and by developing tools to streamline the Gamer’s and Asset Holder’s experiences.



Everyone in our community brings a unique perspective to the table and those willing to embrace their individuality will find a community of people who want to see them grow and thrive. Our Mafia members love to help others level up their game and want to see the GameFi space flourish. Collectively our community is innovative and desires to create the best possible experience within the Metaverse.

Co-Founder + Godfather of The Mafia

Timboslice founded the Mafia with one mission in mind, to empower a community with a growth mindset. He believes that a community built on the premise of this mindset will have a culture that can withstand the tests of time. He has always been an avid gamer and crypto enthusiast, so the GameFi space was the perfect place to build this community.



Co-Founder of The Mafia

Thehannahb is a Graphic Designer who brings both artistic skill and vision to everything we do within The Mafia. Through social media content creation and strategy, website management, and other creative projects, thehannahb is elevating our brand and helping to forge a path for The Mafia as a digital community in the Web3 space. 


Creative Director + Designer


Communications + Content Manager


Deadily is a programmer with a long history in gaming, playing games for as long as he could walk. He’s competed at a high level in games like Rocket League and Apex Legends, but also completed Mythic raids in World of Warcraft. His love for programming and gaming has resulted in creating tools for gamers
to make their experience richer.

BigBarod is a professional athlete (and teammate of Timboslice) with a vision for public relations and content creation. His work for The Mafia includes building a unified voice and consistent communication across our external and internal communities. BigBarod also works with  thehannahb to run each of our social media platforms.