This physical book you hold in your hands (or the virtual one if you’re digitally reading) is more than a book. I believe it to be the first entwined book-and-metaverse experience in history. It is a read-to-earn experience. Use the clues given by the Quest Master, throughout the book, to find my location in the metaverse. I am waiting there to say hello to you. The first 88 players who greet me there will be recognized in the next edition of this book and will get a special first edition Ready Player Earn NFT sent to their crypto wallets. 

Since the dawn of human history, every age has invented new opportunities for playing and earning. Ancient Greek athletes won gold drachmae for winning Olympic competitions. Seven hundred years later, a Roman charioteer amassed $15 billion (in today’s money) for victories at Circus Maximus races. Fast forward almost 2,000 years later; today, blockchain technology creates a new type of field for playing and earning. Ready Player Earn documents “year zero” (2021-2022), when we first envisioned the social and economic ramifications of playing, earning, and owning in a metaverse. Optimists see this as a gaming revolution that can lift third-world nations out of poverty while increasing the wealth and happiness of those in the first world. Detractors argue that play-to-earn gaming is a revolting scam that cons people into purchasing worthless virtual land and artifacts (NFTs). Ready Player Earn explores both sides and analyzes the history of gaming and earning from the ancient world to the blockchain.

Dr. Mark Bowles wrote this book in real-time as he experienced year zero of the play-to-earn metaverse. It is an ongoing story, and this edition of the book ends its narrative amid a crypto winter in mid-2022. Is play-to-earn a revolution in the making or a revolting trend in gaming?